NAAC Accreditation by Grade B

To impart quality education to its students.

To instill in them a strong sense of values with emphasis on community feelings.

To transform them into citizens committed to social justice and equality.

To make them aware of their responsibilities as caring alumni.

To maintain the institution as a growing centre of learning while aiming at consistently high global academic standards.

To nurture as academic and secular environment free from biasness and prejudice.

To encourage students to fulfill their potential and strive for excellence in every field.

To make college education accessible to the economically disadvantaged.


Imparting college education at an affordable cost.

Providing practical guidance to students regarding their careers.

Offering path-breaking programmes and updating the teaching-learning process.

Ensuring regular and efficient running of existing academic programmes and campus activities.

Improving the quality of life of local people, by making college education a reality in every household.

Maintaining an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation within the institution and in its relations with the locality.

Affiliated to Guwahati University
Recognized by the UGC

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