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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Hojai College was formed on20th December 2007. But the cell remained ineffective owing to a lot of reasons. One of the prime reason was the internal administrative crisis that arose out of the suspension of the then Principal Mr A.K.Bhattacharjee on miscellaneous charges of anomaly. A protracted litigation followed and finally the principal was discharged from service on the basis of a Gauhati High Court judgment in 2011. The persons who held interim charge as principal were on the verge of retirement and they failed to realize the importance of the IQAC and did not even provide the minimum basic operational facilities like a computer, and a decent room. As a result , the coordinator Mr. R.K.Rath resigned in desperation and protest and Dr A.Kataky was appointed Coordinator in his place. Dr Kataky faced similar problems until a new regular principal joined in February 2012. Since then the IQAC has become active. However, due to difficulties in retrieving the documents and records, the timely submission of AQAR had not been made till 2014. Alarmed by the warning of the government to stop UGC grants unless the deadline for mandatory NAAC accreditation process is complied with and concerned at the slow pace of IQAC activities, the teacher members in the G.B. made a strong case for immediate action. The G.B. reconstituted the IQAC on 31st January 2014 and Mr. R.K.Rath was again entrusted with the responsibility of the coordinator. Since then a series of sensitization meetings were held and all stake holders were involved to meet the 1st June,2014 deadline of applying the online LOI. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the teachers, employees and the management, and the incessant hard work of the IQAC members led by the coordinator and the chairman, the AQAR report for the previous years were meticulously prepared gleaning all relevant information by an incredible retrieving phenomenon. At the same time focus was concentrated on enhancing academic, administrative and infrastructural aspects and every stakeholder, especially the teachers and students were impressed upon the vital necessity of nurturing and sustaining quality on all campus activities. It is heartening to know that the dark clouds of uncertainty and anxiety have been blown away by the resolve and enthusiasm of the stake holders and the college is working in unison to give a major fillip to quality and earn an impressive grade from NAAC.

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