NAAC Accreditation by Grade B

Any of the following acts by a student shall be considered a major offence against discipline-

a) Habitual unpunctuality.

b) Any kind of immoral and indecent acts.

c) Smoking to violence of any kind.

e) Disobedience to teachers and college authority.

f) Defacing, damaging of devaluing any college property.

g) Acts of public nuisance, breach of public peace, communal trouble etc.

h) Holding any meeting in the college campus without prior written permission from or against the order of the Principal.

j) Indulging in any strike, picketing, hartal and hunger strike of any kind.

k) Any notice pasted or circulated in the college campus without the approval of the principal.

l) Violation of any other rule framed by the principal from time to time for maintaining discipline in the college.

m) It is mandatory to note that use of cell phone by the students on the plinth area of the college is strictly prohibited. If any student found using the cell phone within said area the following actions may be taken by degree.

•If found for the first time the cell phone shall be seized and will be handed over only to the father or mother of the student on payment of a fine of Rs. 500.

•If found for the second time the cell phone shall be ceased permanently by the principal.

n) Possession of cell phone in the examination hall shall lead to expulsion from Examination.

o) Motor bike /Car of the students will not be allowed in college campus.

* Every students in the College is subject to and must submit to the discipline of the College. A college student shall be liable to disciplinary action which may lead to suspension, compulsory transfer or expulsion from the college for violation of any rules of discipline.

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Recognized by the UGC

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